About This Conference

If you were talking to the average church goer in America, and asked, “What are your spiritual gifts?” Most wouldn’t know how to respond, what spiritual gifts are, or what theirs are.  Similarly, if you asked them what their role in the body of Christ was, most would be clueless.  Even fewer people would be able to tell you with clarity and conviction what God has called them to do with their life.

This is a problem.  This lack of understanding of one’s identity in Christ leads to a church of consumers, where 20% are doing all the work, and 80% feel directionless and confused about what God could/would do with their lives.

That’s why we put on this conference.  To help you catch a vision for what God wants to do with your life by helping you discover what spiritual gifts you have, what your role in the body of Christ is, and what God is calling you to do with your life.  It’s time to stop living a life of confusion and start living life in focus.

For a link to the spiritual gifts test we used, click here:

Messages From This Conference