About This Series

It’s Summer, and for many of us that means vacation time! Have you ever spent the winter dreaming about vacation only to find that “getting away” was more stressful than restful? Have you ever taken time off from work and then felt guilty for not being more productive on those days? Do you catch yourself thinking about rest while you’re working, and thinking about work while you are “resting”? Most of us haven’t felt truly rejuvenated in years. We feel trapped in a cycle of sleep, eat, work, repeat.

What if life could be different? What if this Summer was actually restful? What if we learned to thank God for vacation?

June 26
A New Rhythm

July 17
The Sound of Silence

August 7
Family Reunion

July 3
Rest for the Weary

July 24
It Doesn’t Stay in Vegas

July 10
Are You Listening?

July 31
It’s Not a Place, it’s a Person

Messages From This Series